PoilWater is an automatic filter of oil purification from water with negative breaking walls

Ocean-going oil tanker leaks and pollution reaching the region’s northern shores cost $ 189 million directly and about $ 2.4 million needed to clean it up. However, with the increase in the size of the leaked oil slick, direct and cleaning costs will increase to $ 308 billion and $ 9.4 billion, respectively. Currently, the systems that perform this operation are mostly centrifuges, which are very expensive and cost very high to install and repair. So they cannot be generalized in the market. Our product is

Automatic filter of oil purification from water with negative Breaking walls which can be installed to solve this problem.

PoilWater system is the best option for purifying oil from water, which has 2 outlet and inlet ducts. This product has negative return edges with adsorbent plant nanoparticles. An oil pollution sensor is installed inside this product. At the first inlet, the combined water and oil enter the system, and after the initial treatment, direct the water to the water tank separately. If the oil contamination sensor at the water outlet detects that oil is still present in the water, it repeats the purification cycle to fully purify the oil from the water. After separation, water and oil are directed to two separate tanks. The size of this product depends on the flow rate of oil-water that should be treated.


PoilWater advantages are

95% oil purification from water
Low cost of this filter
Automatic control and washing system
Light weight
Installation on any oil and water collecting equipment
High operating speed

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